About Us

cae marinièrecae bob miki

CAE. is the diminutive of "Caeruleum" which means blue in Latin. The brand draws inspiration from the work uniform. The blue of Cae. So symbolically echoes to blue-collar workers to be an integral part of the hierarchy of the company as opposed to the white-collar workers who represent managers and executives) in reaction to a standardized and standardized society.

Cae. proposes here to reinvest a key piece of the marine cloakroom, the Miki cap in the customizing and attributing various materials to him: a waterproof blow thanks to the coated canvas, hot in pure Burel wool, or trend in velvet or jeans, the Miki hat is reinvented with the style of the collection to survey the urban trails.

Traditional Breton hat, this accessory allows you to stay warm while keeping a cool head and avoid wind gain. The Miki come out of the ports and become an everyday accessory as it was originally worn by the dockers.

All our models are produced in France according to ancestral know-how and entirely assembled by hand. Mikis high quality, fully lined and adaptable to all heads. Enable, you can choose from 3 sizes of cups for perfect fit.

For those who are not afraid to assert themselves and want to display an authentic style, take the wave, the deferente. MIKI is approaching the coast.

CAE established at 1 RUE D'ALGERIE 69001 LYON - FRANCE SINCE 2013